Tea Party in Pixie Hollow

Over the least year or so, my mother-in-law has been redoing her backyard, and now there is this little space kind of made of dappled light hidden behind a young tree that she calls "No Man's Land," but Shae took one look at the area and declared it to be "Pixie Hollow." And, by gum, she was going to have herself a tea party with her pixie friends.


Okay, maybe it was more like an iced-tea party, because it was so hot, and maybe it was technically more of an iced-tea snooze at certain points, but whatever.


And also, I don't know if it's technically a "tea" at all if there are no little-bitty sandwiches with the crusts cut off and scones and clotted cream and stuff, but what do you expect? She's FOUR, and I suspect she was a little bored.


She totally believes she saw Tinkerbell, though, hanging out near the bird feeder with the little sparrows, heckling the squirrels and chipmunks who were trying to figure out how to get their grubby mitts on the deluxe seed mix, which included whole nuts and dried berries. The songbirds eat VERY WELL at my mother-in-law's.


We're still working on sticking out our pinkies when we sip, but we're making great progress. By this time next year I fully expect her to bring a small emergency backup tiara with her everywhere she goes, just in case. You never know when you'll be called up to exercise your responsibilities as Her Grand Highnessty the Princess of Everything.

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