From Here To Eternity (Or At Least A Couple Of Days Anyway)

If I've done this right -- correctly post-dated this blog entry AND properly judged traffic -- then we're at the beach right now. Right this very second. One of the benefits of working at the same place for forever plus 8 years is that you earn a lot of vacation time, and even after two scheduled vacations this summer (California last month and the Jersey shore in September), I still have a good chunk of vacation time left. So I'm using some.


I'm off today and next Tuesday, so with the weekend and the company holiday figured in, I'll be off for five days. Neener-neener. And hey, lucky me, I don't have to spend any of that time at the airport! Except for picking up my sister and her crew tomorrow, and taking them back on Monday -- but the important thing to remember there is that I don't have to actually go inside the airport this time. Huzzah! I wouldn't go so far as to say that the Universe and I are even, or anywhere close, but I'll take it.


Gotta say, it's nice to have several days off in a row with no particular plan. We don't do that often -- it's always something with us. Picnics, parties, gatherings, celebrations, riots, fires, mudslides, et ceteras. I feel like we've been go-go-Gadget since Christmas, with at least two things on the calendar every weekend, and always timed so that we're up early and going until late with almost no time for a break in between. I believe they call that "adulthood."


Anyway. These pictures have absolutely bugger-all to do with us being at the beach today -- they're from Makayla's after-Christening after-party -- but they are pictures of Shae in a bathing suit and a paper umbrella eating cake. Because OF COURSE SHE IS. She's no dummy. Cake sounds pretty good right about now.

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