Makayla's Baptism

On Sunday was my niece Makayla's baptism. She was baptized by Fr. Lamb (tee hee!), a priest who has known my family for something like 30-plus years. He used to visit my grandparents and go swimming in their pool and I swear to God (tee hee hee!!) he used to wear a Speedo. No lie. It is jarring to see priests and nuns out of their habits, but what is even weirder is seeing them in bathing suits drinking beer on your grandparents' back deck. (It really happened! There were WITNESSES!)

Makayla Baptism

Anyway. Makayla. She looked like a little angel, one of those cute ones from all those Renaissance paintings, a cherub, with the white robes and the wings and the trumpets and the delicious melon heads. And she did great during the ceremony -- she hardly made a peep and didn't make a sound at all during the holy-water-poured-on-her-head part. The crying you hear in this video is some other kid. And of course you will recognize the voice of My Anonymous Mother.

(Yes, I know there are probably technical terms for whatever that part of the rite is called. Whatever. I can't remember all those fancy words any more. I called the tabernacle "the apse," and then I called it "the reliquary," and to be completely honest with you, I don't even know what either of those words even means any more, but I know I can spell them correctly.)

Makayla with Parents and Nana Haldaman

Good heavens, that kid is adorable, isn't she? I find her equally as beautiful as my own kid, and my nephew, except they're all lovely in different ways. You can tell Makayla and Joey are related, though, because they both look so much like my dad.


And then there was cake. DUH. My kid was invited to the after-party - cake was pretty much a requirement. If Shae had her way, The Right To Always Have Cake would be added to the Constitution or something.

Fondant Cross and Flowers
Fondant Flowers Detail

My cousins Meg and Jessy made the cake, and they did such a great job. Everything was positively delicious (and I know from delicious cake with that kid of mine), and everything was edible except the pearls in the middle of the flowers. (And yes, OF COURSE I got pictures of Shae eating cake. She made sure I did.)

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