All Together Now

We had some special surprise visitors over the weekend, and it was pretty darned awesome.

Joey Boat

My nephew is seriously the most adorable little boy in the world, and I can't ever get over how much bigger and older and awesomer he is every time I see him. I mean, he's totally the same little man that he was last year, but now he's even more so. And holy tomato, is this kid a chatty Cathy. I wonder if, when we go on vacation later this summer, my parents are going to get a word in edgewise, between Joey and Shaezie. Somehow, I don't think they're going to mind much if they don't.

Makayla Approves

Miss Makayla approves of this unexpected visit, bee tee dubs. Of course, she approves of most everything, including sunny days, swimming pools, and watermelon. (I double-dog-dare you to tell me that you don't want to EAT THAT FACE NOM NOM NOM. My goodness, is she delicious, or what? Cutest baby girl in the world. We make 'em pretty in our family, don't we? Lucky us.)

Long-Lost Flying Wallenda

Shae approves of catching BIG AIR and jumping into the deep end without floaties, because she? Has been WORKING HARD at her swimming this year. She totally wants to be on the swim team, you guys. Which is amusing to the point of being almost hysterical, because she clearly has not yet learned that "being on the swim team" equals "a lot of early mornings doing lots and lots of laps while cranky old gym teachers who have a deep-abiding hatred of children blow their whistles at you and tell you over and over again to stop having fun."

Joey Beiber

OH AND ALSO! Joey is rockin' a Beiber haircut. I believe this is a visual demonstration of why the term "adorable little moppet" was coined. I'd totally eat this one's face, too, if he'd stand still long enough to let me. Although Makayla is crawling now, and extremely wriggly, so it's getting harder to catch her, too.

All Together Now

So, yeah, my time off was pretty amazing, in all the ways that only being around your whole family can be. Every day I get more and more excited about our big ol' family beach vacation this year, and how much extra awesome all the pictures are going to be with THREE beautiful, happy, delicious kids in them this time.

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