Down By The Waterside

The Wednesday of our vacation was the one day where I allowed myself to go overboard. We took the day off from the beach that day, and sat around doing a whole lot of nothing. Watched movies and baseball games on TV. Went to the playground. Ate Doritos for lunch. My sister, her husband, my husband and I went to Atlantic City that night, had a great dinner at a steakhouse which included a very nice bottle of wine that cost more than my whole gambling budget, and my sister and I went to see a show -- an a capella group-in-residence at the casino that features a guy we went to high school with. I overshot my daily calorie budget by like 700, although I ended up making up for it the next night when we went to a boardwalk and I wouldn't eat anything due to a wicked case of The Skeevs (which I will tell you about later).

Anyway, today's blog post is all about overindulgence -- only this time we'll do it in pictures. I have a ton of pictures from the beach I wanted to post, but not a whole lot of stories, per se. The beach is pretty much the beach, you know? (See Monday: "We had a hell of a lot of fun, the end. On to the pictures!") These are not necessarily in any kind of order except the kind I am best at: arbitrary.

Another Kite

What do engineers do on vacation? Fly kites with their kids. We love kites in our family, even the cheapo-depot dollar store kind. For next time, though, I want to get one of those fancy brightly-colored acrobatic ones.

Who's Da Man?
Surfer Girl

Do these kids rock the snot out of sunglasses, or what? And incidentally, my love affair for the Anniversary Camera continues unabated -- half of my pictures look like they were taken for a catalog.

Joes Junior and Senior
A Girl and Her Diplodocus
A Boy and His Poplodocus

Daddies of various stripes -- his, hers, mine.

Boogie Board Babies
Baywatch Babe
Deep Blue Sea

Someone had a very nice time on vacation.

King of the Goldfish
Ring Pop

Well, two someones.

Bonzai Pipeline
We're A Happy Family

Okay, four someones. Whatever.

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