Running Amok

My sister Jaime, her husband, and my delicious nephew arrived very early on Sunday -- the night before, Shae said she was "tired" early, and asked to go to bed, because we kept telling her that Joey would be there when she woke up in the morning. That was the only day of the entire trip where she was in bed at anywhere near her regularly-scheduled time. In the morning, after a brief fiasco involving a missing measuring cup and no vegetable oil and therefore no pancakes, we went to the beach.

(Gaaah ... I can't really recap this vacation like I normally do because basically just about everybody who would care about the recap was already there {hi, everybody!} so let me sum up: We had a hell of a lot of fun, the end. On to the pictures!)

Shae Diggin'
Joey Beach

(By the way, those are my dad's shoes in the background. I also have a pair in a smaller size. This is not just a useless piece of information - I believe there are pictures of my Phillies Crocs coming up in later pictures. Just a little FYI for you.)

We came home, stuffed ourselves full of hot dogs and peanut butter sandwiches (note: two separate foods, not hot-dog-and-peanut-butter sandwiches, which even Elvis would not eat), and took a nice long nap, after which we went to the park to run around, in an attempt to possibly get our children to go to sleep at a reasonable hour. No such luck.

Joey Park
Shae Park

I made exactly one attempt to get nice pictures with the pretty pre-sunset lighting, to no avail. Basically the most powerful force in the Universe, aside from the irresistible pull of perfectly cooked bacon, is the momentum of small children having the time of their lives.

Shae & Daddy

I did get a nice new wallpaper for my computer monitor, though. So there's that.

Double Bubble Bath

And then the kids took a bath together, and Shae washed Joey's feet. I wish there was some special significance to that, but there isn't; it's just "ironical" because I am still scrubbing the dirt out of my own kid's toenails. That kid attracts dirt from other planets. Meanwhile, Joey has adorable little clean feet.

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