The Gang's All Here

Here's the truth, Ruth: I didn't get a whole lot of pictures of Shae and Joey together when he was in town, because I was busy, like, parenting and stuff. Which is a big shocker, I know, but sometimes we have to do the things that need doing, right? Also, Joey was not feeling 100%, and while I have absolutely no compunction about posting pictures of my own kid in all her boogerful glory, I didn't want to take too many shots of Joey while he didn't feel good. Somehow, it seemed cruel to do that to the little guy.

I did manage to get this one, though, when we went to the playground to run around for a while. I love his little smirk here, like he is getting away with Something Very Naughty. Because the road to Hell is made out of sliding boards or something, I guess; I don't know how my own kid thinks, let alone someone else's.

Big Slide

You will note that this time My Anonymous Mother does not have her purse with her. She can be taught.

Little Miss Mouthy

I have absolutely ZERO IDEA what this face is, or what is going on here, but I love this picture anyway. It's like Wall of Fame material, seriously. What is she saying? What is she thinking? It's fascinating. This kid fascinates me.

Typical Family Picture

We tried to get the kids together for a photoshoot with Nana. This is the best picture of the bunch, no joke. Shae's eyes are all red from 6 hours in the pool, she's full up on mac & cheese, hot dogs, and inhaled pool water, she accidentally coordinates with my mother (I swear that was unplanned), and meanwhile poor Joey doesn't want to go in the pool. He just wants his mommy.

So, you know: a typical family photo, for our clan.

I did manage to get the kids to cooperate (slightly) for this little movie, which was one of our "test takes" with the new camera, but which I kept anyway because I think it's adorabale:

I love the part at :14 in, when they bust out the synchronized ASL. Party on, little guys, party on.

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  1. to coordinate takes thought !!!! love mom