Swingset Boulevard

On Memorial Day, we went to a picnic at the home of friends we have not seen for some time -- stuff happens, you know? They have two sons, one a few months younger than Shae and the other a year younger than that, and they put up a little plastic splash pool so the kids could cool off.


Shae looks like Godzilla in there, a giant. In order to "take a bath," as she calls it -- put her head under water so her hair gets wet -- she had to stick her feet in the grass. It was pretty hilarious, actually.

The Kids

Needless to say, it was tight quarters when all the kids were in there. They managed, as kids will do, but some of the toys had to be put in the sandbox for a while. There is always room for a plastic flower pot, though, apparently.

Emma Peel

I don't know why, but this picture makes me think of the character Emma Peel from the old British TV show "The Avengers." (The Dame Diana Rigg version, obviously, not the Uma Thurman atrocity.) I can picture Shae as a chic, modern, kick-ass super spy: tall, lean, athletic, quick with the one liners, leaving a trail of broken hearts and foiled supervillains in her wake, weapons coordinated with her outfits all the while. And I totally bet that she'll figure out how to build a machine gun out of a golf umbrella. She's pretty smart that way. She can be her own Q, or R, or whatever letter the Bond movies are up to these days.


She is ready for her closeup, Mr. DeMille.

Note: Post title changed after posting, to better refer to the inspiration.

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  1. yes but is the world ready for her ????