Time Bandits (Happy Birthday Dad)

Yesterday was my father's birthday. I forgot to put something up here because, I don't know, we were watching Madagascar or something. Doing whatever it is that we do on lazy Sundays. We were out late on Saturday night, and we all slept in yesterday, and it was kind of nice, even if we all spent the day with bedhead and our crankypants on.


My Dad -- Shae's Pop-Pop -- turned 56. As per usual, we only had one novelty number candle. We do nothing better than going with the flow in my family. We had a small cookout birthday party for my Dad on Saturday, which is part of the reason we were out late. It was a great time: sliders and clams, sauteed broccoli and pasta salad, and of course delicious birthday cake.

Candle Blow

So if you're keeping score at home, I am posting the "official" HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD! entry the day AFTER my Dad's birthday, because we had the party the day BEFORE. And people wonder why I can't keep my calendar straight, whether I am coming or going. At least we are always moving, never standing still.


And at least Shae and her Pop-Pop can always find ways to keep their cool.

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  1. the food was great the weather was great and pop-pop is pop-pop love you mom