Things I Don't Like:
3. Asparagus
2. Sun poison
1. Change

Thinks I Like Even Less Than Change:
3. Spiders
2. My neighbors
1. Changing summer vacation plans in the middle of the summer

People I Wanted To Be When I Grew Up:
3. Wonder Woman
2. Valerie Bertinelli
1. Eloise

People I Never Thought I Would Turn Into But I Have Anyway:
3. My Anonymous Mother
2. Dorothy Zbornak
1. Julie McCoy, Your Cruise Director

What We Are Looking For In A Jersey Shore Beach Rental:
3. Location
2. Location
1. Cheap

What I Am Afraid We Are Going To End Up With Instead:
3. Sun poison
2. Eight adults and 2 children in a studio apartment 7 blocks from the beach
1. Snooki


  1. Hi there - so I'm delurking to tell you how much I love reading your Blog! I'm Jaime's friend Christine from PU. Our kids are about the same age, my Alex turned 3 in March, so it's fun to see what Shae is up to since it's usually right in line with my Bug. I had to post today though because I'm sitting here cracking up about your entry today. So, from a random person, good job, you really are a very talented and humorous writer!

  2. hi! welcome! delurk anytime, i love feedback and -- let's be honest, i love the attention too. LOL.

    it's the "snooki" thing that got you, isn't it? i can't help but laugh myself when i think about it.

  3. Random Factoid:

    I love asparagus. My mother hated it, so I didn't know what asparagus was until I was in my mid 20's.

    So now, whenever I fix asparagus, I think: Nya Nya Mom!!

  4. i TRY to like asparagus, but i have a texture issue with it. it kind of tastes like green beans, but it doesn't feel right in my mouth. also, it does weird things to pee.

    didn't use to like spinach, either, but i've come around. maybe eventually i'll get over my asparagus problems too.

  5. Yes, the Snooki is what pushed me over to the MUST COMMENT! side. ;)