Portrait of the Artist

I don't know what it is with you people wanting to see pictures of me on this here blog -- I mean, really, most of you are related to me, and you already know what I look like (i.e., my sisters, duh) -- but here is a picture from Sunday that has me in it. You're welcome. Sheesh. It's the one where I look the best, even though everybody else is looking in a different direction at who knows what, and but since I'm the editor, I get to pick the pictures.

Not One Of Us Takes Direction

Usually I am behind the camera, and you can see why -- I make goofy faces. I much prefer being the director, so I can pictures like this one, of the dudes in attendance at our Mother's Day brunch (with the daughters/granddaughters).

The Dudes

And even with the fathers right there, you can see that basically every girl in the family looks like My Anonymous Mother. Even the adopted ones. It's weird. (Although I also see a bit of my father's mother in Makayla -- she has the same cheeks as so many of my cousins on that side of the family, and tell me, don't they look delicious?)

(Oh and by the way -- my sister, brother-in-law, and niece matched on purpose, but my husband, daughter, and I did not, I swear. Yes, I am a total Garanimal, but only her outfit was planned in advance. He and I just wore what was clean, like we always do. Total coincidence that we all ended up in the same shade of blue -- but at least you can tell who belongs to whom.)

(I just noticed that M.A.M. and my dad are also wearing the same colors: light pink tops and grey pants. Guess I know where the OCD matchy-matchness comes from, eh?)

(Also: how awesome is it that the men in my family totally rock pink? Most of them, anyway. I think my husband would look great in pink or salmon, especially in the summer when he has a tan, but he has a "uniform" and there is not a lot of color in his closet. Sometimes I can get him to wear yellow, but mostly he wears shades of blue and green.)

(No, I don't have much to say except my family is purdy, no? Lucky us. We might all be crazy and possibly inbred, but we're damned fine-looking. Except for me, but I guess if only one out of eleventy of us is unfortunate-looking, we're throwing off the curve for everybody else.)

(OK, I'm done now, except for this: our 2nd annual family beach vacation is going to KICK ASS this year, I can just tell.)


  1. I was just thinking how handsome everyone looks, and even before I read your comment I was like, "Go guys wearing pink!".

  2. I didn't say it on the last post... but I WAS thinking "not one picture with her in it". JUST like my normal photos!!!

  3. i was going to ask about the matchy-matchy, but you covered that one. i thought it was funny when i was looking at the pictures. glad you guys had a good time at brunch!