Ladies Who Brunch

I can't speak for anyone else, but my Mother's Day was pretty great. And I was surprised by this, because Mother's Day can be pretty stressful. Even though "mom" isn't supposed to do much, there is still the getting dressed and going places and wrangling your kid in the bath and making plans and cleaning up and getting along with your mother-in-law and whatever else you have to do to actually get through the day.

But for once, there wasn't a whole lot I had to do, except pretend to be a nice person and start drinking before noon. For one day out of the year, I can try to manage that. (Well, the first part, anyway -- I can always get behind daytime drinking if the occasion arises.)

Makayla & Shel

This year was my sister's first Mother's Day (hi sis!), and she wanted to go to brunch, so we did. We found a place at a public golf course that had a BBQ brunch, so the boys would be able to find something to eat that wasn't too frou-frou, and we ladies could get the sort of brunchy things we like to eat. The food was excellent and the mimosas were divine. (I also discovered the bellini, which is my new favorite drink ever, and I didn't even have one yet.)

Shae G & Gigi
Shae & Gigi

We ate outside -- it was a beautiful day, absolutely perfect weather -- and since we were overlooking the 10th green, there were plenty of opportunities to get some family pictures in -- including shots featuring my mother-in-law, who is like the Sir-Not-Appearing-In-This-Film of my family.

Ladies Who Lunch

Let's hear it for the ladies who lunch. Aren't they a gem? I'll drink to them!


  1. what no pictures with you in them ????

  2. great pics. but i agree with mom's comments. where are you?