Serenity Sunday #2

With a continuing hat tip to NPR's Pop Culture Happy Hour podcast, here are the things that are making me happy right now.

i don't know where he finds these arrangements, but they're perfect every time.

Birthday flowers. No idea what they are -- lavender roses and some kind of dark purple things that might be delphiniums, maybe, and these big stalky things that kind of look like miniature hollyhocks -- but they're super-pretty and they smell divine and they came in a purple vase because my husband knows what makes me happy.

Also: my brand new birthday computer, which is all sleek and shiny and space-age and AMAZING and it smells like money and the future and all kinds of awesome. No pictures yet, because I still want to keep it to myself a little bit, but BOY HOWDY. I should have a birthday every year or something.

i don't know what this face is, but i enjoy it.
ready for her closeup, mr. demille.
men who don't make passes at girls who wear glasses are asses.

This kid and her goofy faces, which never cease to entertain and amuse me. (Even though I am secretly jealous that she looks better in my new glasses than I do.) It is sure to be a great Mother's Day (or, as she called it just a few minutes ago, "Muffin's Day") with her around to crack me up.

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