Youth Soccer

I have two questions for you today. First: which of these two kids would you guess is the older one?

Guess Who's Older

If you guessed Lauren -- the non-Shae one -- then you are correct. Lauren is almost 6 years old and just about done with Kindergarten, whereas Shae just turned four and still sometimes puts her shoes on the wrong feet. My kid is an AMAZON -- she's a good six inches taller than Lauren, and Lauren is so wee and petite that I don't think we're going to be getting hand-me-downs from her much longer. Probably it's going to work the other way, actually.

Junior Goalies

Second: if you saw these two girls tending the net at your local youth soccer league game, would you be as scared as I might be? She-Hulk and The Scrapper. The dynamic duo. Shae's head alone is enough to strike fear into the hearts of most other little kids. God bless her. I hope she is athletically inclined, because I've never heard of a 6-foot tall ballerina.


  1. she can be whatever she wants and probably will be love mom

  2. Is that Lauren, Nana's neighbor's daughter?