In the Drink

Second to last swimming class! I have to admit, as much as a pain in the tuchus it has been to get up relatively early on Saturday morning and get everything together so we can go to lessons, I am going to miss taking Shae to class.

Life Vest

I mean, really: she loves swimming so much that she is all smiles even when she's wearing her life vest and is not allowed to even go near the inflatable boat.


And she's finally started to look at the camera, on purpose, to make sure I am taking pictures like a "good mommy." Her exact words.

Mugging for the Camera

She's been mugging for me, even, hamming it up like the natural born actress that she is.


And we've come up with a mutually-agreeable Alternative Activity for Saturday mornings, starting next week. We're going to start going to the library and getting two books a week, until summer officially begins and we can start "lessons" with my swim team cousins. She's already advised me of her first selection: Shark in the Dark. (I think we can still manage to fit in a stop at Dunkin Donuts, too. You know, for the sake of tradition.)

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  1. no need for dunkin donuts but make 2 hours on saturday for together time love mom