I have about eleventy kajillion pictures from our weekend with the Brat Pack to sort through, but first let's talk about swimming class, because that happened at the very beginning of the weekend.

03-27-11 039

I don't know what it is about this particular class, or this particular teacher, or what, but Shae is doing SO WELL this time around. She did fine last time, of course, but she is really working hard this time, doing everything Mr. Mike asks her to, trying to keep her listening ears on at all times.

03-27-11 040

It's like she's decided that THIS IS IT, this is the big one, this is her last set of swimming lessons before the summer (because it is) and if she wants to be able to swim without the bubble at all, she's going to need to buckle down and learn some stuff, and boy howdy, she really is.

03-27-11 042

Not that she doesn't take time out to have fun -- girls just want to have fun, after all -- but I am impressed with the dedication she's been showing this time around. She is really working hard at everything, and I feel so much more comfortable about the coming summer knowing that she really wants this.

03-27-11 083

She's come such a long way since her very first swimming lesson, so long ago. In other news: she's going to be four years old in four more days. Where did my baby go?

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  1. Four years old already, the time just flies by doesn't it? Enjoy every moment. This is the time of magic and possibility.