Brat Pack

Sorry for the virtual radio silence over the last few days, both here and on Twitter, but I've been busy.

Brat Pack

I took about eleventy thousand pictures over the last three days (no, seriously, I took A LOT) while my sister and nephew were in town for the weekend, and I will be recapping the shenanigans in strenuous detail over the course of the week. (Also: these kids take GREAT pictures, even if I can't ever get the three of them to look at the camera or even look in the same general direction all at the same time. Even with bunny ears and other assorted props on my head.)

Um, after I finish making a birthday movie for Shae, and plan her birthday party and stuff. And probably somewhere between now and Friday, I should probably squeeze in some sleep or something.

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  1. thats all i get is this picture rachel marie