Yesterday Shae came home from school as the winner of A Major Award. She had a most excellent day, being helpful and charming and on her best behavior for her teacher, and she got a little certificate that said "SUPER!" in big bright comic book letters.


It's pretty awesome, I have to admit. She was totally stoked about it, couldn't wait to show me her "fantastic prize" (her words, not mine), wanted to put it in a place of honor on the refrigerator. She loves the attention, the recognition, the affirmation. Who doesn't?


We've had a couple of bad days at school in the last few weeks, including Wednesday, which the teacher ranked as "four thumbs down," so was so proud when the teacher told us how hard she was trying to behave yesterday, to do the right thing, to make good choices. Certificate or no, I think this kid is pretty super.

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  1. what was the bad stuff ??? love mom