Moving Right Along

Our winter swimming lessons continue. Shae is now officially, fully in the "Pike B" class, with a new teacher who is absolutely fantastic, and things are going, well, swimmingly.


She's in the "deep end" (3 feet, vs. the 1½ feet in the "shallow" section) full-time now, with some of the same kids who were in her class last time. This new instructor gives quizzes at the end of each class, and Shae would totally be blowing the curve, if they had one.


Where the last class seemed to be all fun all the time, for this session she seems to be a lot more focused. I already think she is going to be able to go without her bubble for most of the upcoming summer, but she is determined to make sure of it.


And she thinks that it's the coolest thing ever that the teaching assistant is on the swim team, because at the moment that seems to be Shae's biggest life goal. She really, really wants to be on the swim team someday. Her favorite part of class, I think, is watching the swim team practice in the other pool after we're all finished with her lessons.


I can't believe we've been doing this for nine weeks already, with only a handful left to go (five more classes, I think). I am really proud of how well she's doing, how seriously she is taking her lessons now that we're getting closer to summer. She is STOKED for outside swimming season to get here. (Me too.)

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  1. yes i like the idea of outside swimming today !!! love mom