Wide Open Spaces

The kids -- by which I mean Shae and Joey plus my sister and I -- spent a lot of time running around outside this weekend, even though it was not particularly warm and not particularly green. We still managed to have a good time, all things considered.

We Be Rollin'

Apparently rolling down the hill over and over and over again until your mother is just about ready to puke is the COOLEST. THING. EVER.


Climbing trees with your aunt is also apparently hella fun. (And it's not like your mother is going to do that with you -- what, and fall out and break your arm and die a horrible death like that guy in A Separate Peace? No thanks.)


Ditto, apparently, running wild in the streets like some kind of feral succulent wild child. Well, okay, running as "wildly" and as "ferally" and as "succutlently" as is possible with half a dozen adults around. You know, supervising.

Mickey Make Out

My daughter thinks that kissing someone on the cheek for a really long time -- like, two seconds, which IS practically an enternity in kid years -- is "making out." Let's not tell her otherwise until her father is 70, okay?

Drive My Car

Oh and we let the kids pretend to drive the car. That was probably the highlight of the entire weekend, and the one thing that they both wanted to do over and over again (except roll down the hill, which I DON'T EVEN).

It was so much fun, you guys. And I have like 900 more pictures to sort through yet!


  1. not my favorite picture of me, but probably the best one of me and shae. miss you guys, too!

  2. good to see some pictures