All Things Bright and Beautiful

By popular demand (MOM) (also JAIME), here are some pictures of the kids from Black Friday. You may remember that we left the kids and the camera with my sister while my husband and I snuck off to see "Harry Potter." While we were gone, everyone else was very, very busy. The kids got their picture taken with Santa Claus at the mall -- I will post that picture as soon as I get it scanned (left my original at My Anonymous Mother's). They also went traipsing through the across-the-street-neighbors' yard to check out their lighted Christmas decorations.

Joey the Snowman

I can't blame Joey for wanting to check out the snowman -- I still find myself fascinated by them. What is it about Frosty that is so entertaining? Perhaps the prospect that at any second he could come alive and lead a parade down the street. I call dibs on the kazoo.

Bright Lights, So Pretty

Shae wanted to take all the sequins and paillettes off the snowman (typical engineer's kid, taking everything apart to try to put it back together later) but she really seemed to want to open the lighted boxes. Being the typical snark-ass parent that I am, I stood there for a minute watching her checking the boxes out, and I wanted to yell, "You can already see there is nothing inside!" But what is the holiday season without a little mystery?

Grandma with Her Joey and a Reindeer

In theory I like reindeer -- they pull Santa's sleigh, n'at -- but thanks to Elmo and Patsy, reindeer kind of creep me out nowadays. Plus, I've seen that Simpsons episode with the reindeer farm, the one with John Waters. Doesn't mean I wouldn't want to see one in the wild, but I would definitely be very suspicious and untrusting. Still, Joey + Nana + light-up things = HAPPY PLACE.


Aside from my parents', obviously, this particular neighbor's yard is one of my favorites on this block because they still have trees in the front, and specifically white birches. Looks like Shae has inherited my appreciation for them. If she likes Robert Frost, too, then I'll know my work has been done. One can do worse than be a swinger of birches.


  1. got shae a zhu-zhu pet and ticker bell nightlight will show you did shelley get robe ?? plus anthing else i need to know what !!! love mom

  2. see i knew there would be good pics !!!! got shae zhu-zhu pet and tinkerbell night light will show you okay so i did 2 at once !!!! is shae going to christmas party ????

  3. have you had a chance to put them all on a cd for me yet? i might use one of them for the christmas card, so please send soon!!