Know what's more fun than spending the last day of your Thanksgiving vacation with your cousin riding around your great-grandparents' house in a portable wheelchair?

Wheelz 2
Wheelz 3
Wheelz 4
Wheelz 1

Nothing, that's what. (Sorry for the red eyes and terrible cropping or lack thereof, but I can't get Picnik to work in Flickr and if I wait until I get home to jigger with the pictures, then I'll forget to post them, and it would be a low-down dirty shame if I ruined NaBloPoMo on the VERY LAST DAY.)


  1. come on where are the scenes from across the street ?????

  2. i agree with mom. they better be coming soon!

  3. ok -- second thing first: today i gave myself a vacation day from blogging because i actually finished NaBloPoMo. just FYI if you are keeping score.

    and first thing second: i was going to wait to post the neighbor-christmas-pics until i also had the santa picture scanned and ready, but FINE. tomorrow. pinky swear.