So Much For That Idea

We usually do our weekly grocery shopping on Sundays, and this week was no exception. Our list was short and thanks to the time change we actually got started before 2:00 in the afternoon, so I said to my husband, "Hey, let's stop at Target before we go to the grocery store, so I can get some fiber tabs or something. And maybe some new toothbrushes. And some socks, because my feet are cold."

You can probably already guess what happened, can't you?

The good news is, our local Target is one of those supercenter ones, with the grocery department and those creepy refrigerated cabinets with the lights that turn on when you walk past them. Those things always creep me out. We just, you know, did our grocery shopping and our other shopping all the same time because hey, why not? I did at least remember to get fiber tabs, and toothbrushes, but not socks, because that was just too ourwhelming.

Our list was short. But it didn't include licorice and cheddar-and-scallion sourdough straws and pita chips and Christmas decorations -- yes, I bought Christmas decorations today when I went grocery shopping, and they are not silver, gold, or white because I am considering changing up the color scheme this year -- you can go on ahead and alert the appropriate authorities any time now -- but I at least got what I needed to make "chicky-itchy-llamas" for dinner tonight.

So there's that, I guess.

Also, only vaguely related: how come bananas at every store everywhere have the same product code? 4011. Go look. I bet your bananas have that code, too. Why? Who picked that? And what do I care? It's just one of those things that I will always worry about.

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  1. you better start relaxing there are only 21 years between us