Bust A Move

We went to my cousin AJ's 40th birthday party last night, and we have one of the best times we had in a while. Seriously. I had ONE WHOLE DRINK -- a rum and Diet Coke with lime wedges -- and I felt like I was going completely off the rails. It was AWESOME.

I managed to piece together this video, which ... does not feature or even PICTURE AJ at all. Just my kid, totally busting a bunch of moves. Just my kid, dancing with everybody in the place.

Nothing in the world -- NOTHING -- is better than watching a bunch of people losing their minds over loud music and bright lights. And I was one of these people. I'm not in the video, but I was out there shakin' my groove thang.

And you better believe that I'll do it again first chance I get.


  1. was that tina with her new sassy short haircut? :-)

    we'll have to do something for shae and joey so we can watch them dance together. joey would've had a blast!!

  2. You did an excellent job with editing, since I know that you and I danced to that song and there was no filming going on at that time. She really had a blast and I missed the parts where Ryan was throwing her in the air like that. I was laughing out loud during a lot of that.

    And yes, J, that's my sassy new haircut!

  3. thanks! i knew when that song came on that it HAD to be the soundtrack. HAD TO BE.