Bright Lights, Little Kiddies

A couple more pictures from AJ's party before we move on to something else. These pictures are not particularly good, because I had a hard time getting the lighting right -- I can barely handle the plain old flash, let alone balancing the flash with disco strobes and whatever the heck else -- but I do think they're kind of cool.

11-08-10 003

No idea whose feet these are. I think the little guy on the left is the guest of honor's son, but it could be one of his wife's relatives. I honestly don't know.

11-08-10 005

This one is all Shae. She dances even when there's nobody else around if she hears music she likes. I used to be that way. Now I need at least one drink to get lubricated enough to even approach the dance floor.

11-08-10 006

Shae again. No idea what is happening here, but it looks like a film still from some 60's movie, doesn't it? Grooooooooooooovy, maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan.

11-08-10 011

Dancing with My Anonymous Mother. I really dig this colored spinning light thing, and I am thinking about getting one for my parents' house for Christmas. Although I am afraid they'll have all kinds of fun without me if I do.

11-08-10 012

Plus I suspect that a certain someone will have a hard time keeping her grubby mitts off it.

Hannah Cake

This picture is included to prove that my kid isn't the only one who likes to blow out other people's birthday candles. We kept her far enough away this time that a different kid could get spit all over the icing -- in this case, my cousin's daughter, Hanna. (She's really gotten big since the last time she was featured.)


  1. picked up a zhu zhu hamster for shae also let me know if you want me to look for something specific otherwise i'll give you the money

  2. she will love the hamster! thanks!