Poker Face

After that whole pig head thing, how about a little palate cleanser? Let's go with a round of "goofy faces that my kid makes for no particular reason," how about that? These pictures were all taken on the same day -- at the pig head party -- while Shae was running around in the backyard with my cousins' kids and my mother and just generally causing a right holy ruckus, as kids that age and in that quantity are wont to do.


I keep telling her that if she frowns too much she's going to get wrinkles. I wish I could remember what she was doing when she made these faces. They crack me up.


I can picture her teenage years already: "So, I was, like, NOOooOO!, and she was, like, OH YESSS!, and then her MOM walked in and now she is, like, COMPLETELY GROUNDED. Can you believe it? Parents suck!"


This kid has never seen Popeye. But I bet I could teach her to theme song in one go-round. Toot toot!


I don't know how it happened, but my 3-year-old already has the "bishplz" face down pat. We are going to be in a world of hurt in like 7 years, right?


We can't read her poker face because she doesn't have one. This look of pure, unadulterated joy is my favorite expression of hers.


  1. have the perfect polish for that suit

  2. we might be up sunday, but we are still undecided. will let you know.