Things Fall Apart / Back To Good

Oh, hey, remember all that stuff I said about going camping this summer? Um, yeah, not going to happen. Conflicts and crises arose and new jobs affected vacation requests and ... well, things fell apart.

LBI Houses

But because you are exceedingly quick and clever -- and did I mention that those pants make your ass look fantastic? -- you might have successfully parsed from my post on Tuesday that some other shenanigans were afoot, that some new ill shizz was going dizzown, as it generally always is when I am involved.

LBI Jetty

After doing a lot of scrambling, screaming, tugging of hair, rending of garments, and Google-fu, we were able to procure a rental property on Long Beach Island for a week. It's a different week than we were planning to go, and a different state, and a different kind of vacation, really, but still and all, we hope it will be the family vacation that we wanted. Mostly immediate family, and not the whole big giant shebang we originally had planned, but still.


This house is on the bay side of LBI, but still only a block from the beach, and right across the street from a park. We get Internet included in the deal. There is an amusement park right up the road. If the kids are bored, there is no hope at all for the future of humanity, really.

LBI Merry-Go-Round

I love the beach, and I can't lie about it. I look forward to sinking my toes in the sand for a week, reading trashy paperback books, slathering on the Banana Boat, defending my kingdom my the invading armies of seagulls, going to back to the places where we had so much fun last year, in so short a time, with fresh eyes and fresh perspective and fresh companions.

LBI Beach

It has been a REALLY LONG TIME since I went on vacation with my whole family, and I am really looking forward to it.


  1. so it wasn't really a vacation, per se, but we were all in Chicago together for a weekend last October. doesn't that count for anything? :-)

  2. not long enough to count, sez i.