Vacation Recap, Part Three Hundred and Seventy-Eight or Something: Thursday Night

So, my recaps of our mini-vacation have officially taken three times as long as the actual vacation. Life: I'm doing it wrong. Snerk.


Apparently there is this place? In Beach Haven? Called Fantasy Island Amusement Park? And it's been there for 25 years? And I've never heard of it before? Yeah. It's cute. They have a teacup ride, and Shae loved it. (Me too, but I cut myself out of the picture, so nobody can prove it, bwahahahaha.)


They also had this "traffic jam" ride with a shiny sparkly fire truck. Shae liked that, too, even though I know that in real life traffic sucks, and anyway, I wanted her to go on the old-fashioned jalopy-slash-dune-buggy looking thing. These kids today, with their wanting to make up their own minds ... get off my lawn!

Creepy Goofy Boat

And there was this so-called "boat" ride, which (1) did not involve any actual water or anything, and (2) featured this creepy looking Goofy boat with this gaping mouth and these strange light-up eyes that, as you can see, even Shae did not like. (Liked the ride, not the creepy boat.)

Carousel 1

Of course there was a merry-go-round. Otherwise what would be the point? We went on the carousel twice in a row. Shae was very tired at this point -- it's like 8:30 at night or something here, and this is the second night in a row that she's out past her bedtime -- but she saw those horsies and had to go on.

Carousel 2

And who am I to not make a little girl very happy?


  1. we definitely have to wait until joey's 2, but then i can't wait to take these two to disney! shae looks like she had so much fun!!

  2. she did have fun. joey would have too. maybe next summer we'll take him to fantasy island or whatever!

  3. Do I hear a family trip to Disney next year?! Sounds like fun! Shae looked like she is having a blast! I have never heard of that place either, Rachel, so don't feel so bad. Love you guys!

  4. kim took her kids there but i was too cheap seaside or nothing and we usually only went 1 day but the pictures of shea are cute because she is !!!!!!

  5. we wanted to go to seaside, because boardwalk pizza is the best pizza on earth, and also -- hello! boardwalk! but we went to this place because it was closer. not that you would be able to tell, because my iphone gave us bad directions.

  6. dear sarah (whose comment was deleted): get a real job.

    xoxo rockle.