LOST (In The Backyard Because The Neighbors Apparently Don't Have A Mower)

Oh, you thought I was going to recap the series finale of LOST, did you? HAHAHAHA no. Because you know what? Do your own homework. This show is a piece of work and a piece of art and last night it totally gave me peace of mind, and that is all I will say. I really liked the ending, and I found out what happened to the dog. Good enough for now. We can talk about it in a couple of weeks, once I've watched everything from beginning to end again.

Also: call me, Daniel Faraday!

Instead I have some pictures from the weekend, when Shae and I spent about 15 minutes outside, getting in some camping practice.

Backpack Redux

Fifteen minutes was enough time to help me decide that I definitely need to go back and add "copious amounts of Valium" to the list of foodstuffs we need to pack for our trip. I think I'll add it to the columns for breakfast, lunch, dinner, AND snacks.


We haven't decided yet whether we're packing this Barbie tent to bring with us, or what. On the one hand, it's so very vomitously pink and flowery and I have no idea why, but Shae thinks this is a "princess tent." AS IF. But on the other hand, she does seem to like it. Maybe it's a nice hangout for reading books and doing puzzles or playing hide-and-seek or something. But on yet another hand, it's an extra thing to pack, so I just don't know.

High Grass
In The Weeds

I might have mentioned this before (and I can't find it now), but I am not overly fond either set of our next-door neighbors. There's no particular reason why, except they're not especially nice, and they keep stealing my parking space. Also, they don't really take care of their yard, as evidenced by these pictures of their "lawn."

PEOPLE: They finally cut their grass late on Saturday, but before that, they hadn't mowed since AUGUST 2009. I swear I am not making this up. Their grass was like 2½' high over there. The roses were getting swallowed whole. It was embarrassing. I think the only reason why they mowed this time is because they got a citation from the borough.


  1. You can give me the pink tent. I can pack it and bring it.

  2. if we decide to bring it. i am trying to talk myself out of it, LOL.

  3. If you're not flying take the tent, woman! It folds up flat, doesn't it? If so you can slide it sideways against the between the back of the van and the back seat. Or you can prop it perpendicular against the back of the two front seats.

    She'll spend lots o' time in that tent and it might save you some cash on the Valium.

    August 2009, eh? Best not to venture over there to borrow a cup of sugar or you'll have to live on rain water and rose petals until someone finds you.

  4. good point about the child's entertainment value vs. the cost of the value. perhaps i will take my sister up on her offer and let HER bring it. then i can absolve myself of all my pink-related-guilt.

  5. err, cost of the VALIUM. is early. need moar caffeens!