The Saga Begins

The cover was taken off my grandparents' pool on Saturday, and the statue of the Blessed Mother was put on her pedestal yesterday. Nobody can go in the pool until the Stella Maris is positioned to watch over them.

Blessed Mother

After that, all bets are off.

Wet Baby

That water is COLD, but Shae doesn't care. She's been asking practically every day since the snow started melting when she could go swimming. "Is Nana Mousie's pool open yet, Mommy? Soon? Can I help? I'm ready, let's go!"

Did you hear that, world? She's ready, let's go!

Poolside Portrait

It's going to be a long, wonderful summer.


  1. seriously. was it warm enough to go swimming this weekend? i am jealous!

    just tell uncle joe to make sure that hot tub is ready for joey next week!!

  2. it was in the 70's yesterday, nice and sunny, but she doesn't even give a hoot. and don't worry, we'll make sure the hot tub is ready to go. she actually made me want to go swimming myself, but i can't get pneumonia right now.

  3. too much cuteness to handle. &.."that's great, this is gonna be on the internet net, people." hahah. can't wait for more videos :)

  4. hoping for more movies sooner than later. looking into a new -- WATERPROOF! -- video camera.

  5. someone is going to practice running it wont be dad

  6. Voice talents of mom! Gotta love it!