Leader of the Pack

My Anonymous Mother the yard-sale ninja got Shae a Big Wheel for $1 -- A DOLLAR! -- and we spent Sunday pushing it around the pool. Because what else do you do with a Big Wheel but push it around the pool? Hello? Have you met my kid?


I think she makes hilarious faces.

Traffic Jam

Here is picture her getting stuck in her first traffic jam.

Blue Streak

And here she is telling the driver who just cut her off to go somewhere else and do unspeakable things to himself and/or his dog. Honestly, I don't know where kids pick these things up.


All told, even though we can't quite reach the pedals yet (she's just a little too short, maybe just two or three inches) and we're not really sure how exactly to work the pedals anyway, we do really like the Big Wheel.

Thumbs Up

I am just counting the minutes until that sucker ends up in the pool.


  1. cute pics. were the sunglasses a ninja buy, too?

  2. dollar section at target.

  3. third picture reminds me of a young gaga in training. sweeeeet!