WTF?! Friday PLUS Trivia: Multitudes

The WTF? portion of this post is pretty quick: can someone please tell me who or what a "Justin Bieber" is, and what one is used for? I don't understand. I suspect this is because I am old. Does not mean that I can't appreciate this website (MOM DO NOT CLICK AT WORK OR PEOPLE WILL THINK YOU'RE WEIRD), even though it does not do much to help relieve me of my Bieber ignorance.


And now, trivia. Inspired by the research I did yesterday, when I was trying to find the plural noun for ducks. I had always thought the word for more than one duck was different than "badling." I went through this phase where I was really into knowing the specific words for animal groups, for some reason -- I believe there may have been a mid-80's-style Banana Republic T-shirt involved at one point -- and I even got a book about it for Christmas not that long ago. Fascinating read, if you are a humongous nerd, as I am.

Anyway: can you answer the following?

  1. Three names for groups of four-legged farm animals
  2. Three names for groups of wild cats
  3. Three names for groups of insects
  4. Three names for groups of forest or woodland mammals
  5. Three names for groups of primates
  6. Three names for groups of animals you might see on a safari (not wild cats)
  7. Three names for groups of reptiles or amphibians
  8. Three names for groups of sea animals (not waterfowl)
  9. Three names for groups of waterfowl or seabirds
  10. Three names for groups of other birds

Standard trivia rules apply: to wit, no Google and no cheating. This went up late, so I'll post my answers on Tuesday 5/18 after 5pm. Good luck!


Edited 05/20/10 @ 2:05 PM: My answers are posted in the comments. Sorry for the lateness! Am slackass.


  1. You have got to be kidding!

  2. wait, about the bieber? or the lesbians who look like bieber? or the animals? or the no googling?

  3. oh, hey, i owe you guys some answers. these are only possible answers, your mileage may vary, etc.

    1. flock of sheep, herd of cows, team of oxen
    2. leap of leopards, pride of lions, ambush of tigers
    3. swarm of bees, army of ants, plague of locusts
    4. warren of rabbits, lodge of beavers, skulk of foxes
    5. troop of monkeys, band of gorillas, rumpus of baboons
    6. crash of rhinos, dazzle of zebras, totter of giraffes
    7. bask of crocodiles, congregation of alligators, pit of vipers
    8. pod of whales, school of fish, bed of clams
    9. rookery of penguins, gaggle of geese, bevy of swans
    10. murder of crows, convocation of eagles, parliament of owls

    how did you do?