Be True To Your School

On Friday Shae didn't want to go to school because she was afraid there wasn't going to be a Moon Bounce. Apparently this is a thing, in pre-school -- Moon Bounces. I love Moon Bounces myself, although I have been over the recommended weight limit for some time, so it's been a while since I have actually been in one.

Anyway, her worries were for naught because there was, in fact, a Moon Bounce that day. And the kids loved it about as much as you would expect:

Moon Bounce Gang

Definitely click to enlargify. Also, sorry about the really bad stitching/shopping here, but I make absolutely no claims about my Photoshop skills, which are essentially non-existent. They're a disaster. You're lucky these kids don't have, like, three heads and wonky eyeballs. (And I use Gimp, anyway, because it is free and I am cheap.)


Oooh, and a bonus! You've seen how Shae likes the sliding board. I don't know these two little girls' names, but the redhead on the right is the sister of Shae's little "boyfriend" at school. He's right next to her in the Moon Bounce picture.


  1. Dude, I use Photoshop at work, and I fairly recently downloaded Gimp at home...and honestly, I think it's just as good. The menus are a little wonky and different, but it works great.

  2. I use Gimp for digital scrapbooking. I like it just fine -- but that application is significantly different than stitching two crappy cell phone pictures together. The problems with the horizontal lines in those pictures are numerous and plentiful, and there are TWO FENCES. I am the worst continuity editor EVER.

  3. I'm so bad at that sort of thing, I didn't notice until you said something, and then I had to go back and look closely to find the seam.

  4. Haha, I look at this picture and all I can see are TWO FENCES.

  5. just pretend it was published in a book and the seam is the binding. if you ignore the background, all is good. (and i see one corner fence, and two of all those trees.)

  6. i dont know a thing about that stuff at least you dont get your picture taking skills from me i love you mom