Dangerously Clever

It's been kind of boring up in this joint lately, what with the winter and the weather and the whatever. So we're getting creative. Improvising. Just the other day Shae decided to do a little treasure hunting, wherein she basically emptied her toybox ...

Not Even Everything

... and decided to make herself a boat.

HMS Monekyjams

Sorry, excuse me, it was a "yacht." I don't know why my 3-year-old even knows the word "yacht," let alone that there is a difference between a yacht and a really big boat, but she does. I blame global warming, public television, and cheese.

Mrs. Gozilla Eats Piggies Omnomnom!

We are finding her toys in the weirdest places, like her pants pockets and, for some reason, the bathtub. I mean, there's nothing wrong with Mrs. Godzilla taking a bath once in a while, but who looks at a pink plastic dinosaur and says, "Hey, excellent idea, let's take this in the tub!"

It's even stranger to watch her in the tub "making dinner" for this dinosaur out of bubbles and water, and trying to feed it with a measuring spoon. Yes, I think plastic measuring spoons make perfectly reasonable tub toys. Don't you judge me. (We practice our colors.)

Premium Seating

She's also decided to do a little redecorating by moving her little papasan chair so she can get a better view of the TV.

Rapt Attention

It was a very busy weekend, don't you think?


  1. I love the mind of Shae! She's just being Shae. Also, I love the layout for my new layout, just that I can't see the Penguin unless the screen magnification is only 75%. Maybe it's my computer.

  2. now i just have to come down to see whats up !!!!!