Get a Haircut (and Get a Real Job)

We got a haircut today. It was desperately needed -- trust me. The mop was getting out of control, and when your own kid complains that her hair is "so big," you know it's time.


I didn't even bother attempting to detangle her muppethead before we left the house -- that is what the trained paid professionals are for, right? Plus I secretly love watching her trying to process how everything works in there.

Hair Wash

Never ceases to amaze me how we can get her to scream bloody guts when we try to get a generous detangler through her hair, but the hairdressers attack her head with one of those fine-tooth combs and ... nothing.

Comb Out

The little pink nozzle you see in the background is something new that we're trying, recommended by the stylist. It's supposed to basically fix everything that's wrong with her head at once. We'll see.

Snip Snip

She was very good in the chair, sitting still when asked and moving her head when asked and basically soaking up the compliments and the promises of lollipops when everything was done. She made a lot of faces in the mirror.

All Done

The finished look. Now, we won't do this all the time, or maybe even ever, since it requires blowing dry and round brushes and techniques that I can't seem to master, but everybody feels better now, even Shae, who keeps telling us how pretty she is.

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  1. she's so pretty! can't wait to see you guys at easter!!