It's so cold and gray and blech and disgusting, plus that damned groundhog saw his shadow so six more weeks of this nonsense, and yadda yadda cabin fever fly to St. Somewhere, and so ... hey, look, something shiny!

Fairy Godchild

Well look who it is -- our friendly neighborhood fairy! In a tutu and a crown and her princess shoes and waving around a pinwheel like a wand, even though she really has no idea what she's supposed to be doing, because her mother forced her to do this, because sweet cracker sandwich, there is nothing going on in our house until "Lost" comes on tonight.

Abby Cadabby

We're a little unclear on the actual duties of a fairy, too. Abby Cadabby on "Sesame Street" can turn stuff into pumpkins, but Shae says she doesn't like pumpkins, so ... mostly we just blow on the pinwheel and giggle. Or let Mommy blow on the pinwheel while Shae tries to knock me over. (I wish there was a magical spell I could cast to get us over the hump with the potty training.)

Hard Work

It's a lot of work, being a fairy princess! Don't let the cute crown fool you.

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  1. so cute!

    and fairies can use their magic powers to see their cousins from far away lands on their computer screens. duh!