Manic Monday

Short post today, because we did a whole lot of nothing over the weekend. Visited with my mother-in-law and my parents and grandparents on Saturday, took a whole bunch of pictures for my Project 365, but didn't take any pictures of Shae. This was a deliberate choice: I want her to be able to enjoy herself without the paparazzi popping out from every corner with a flashbulb, and also the paparazzi is so very very tired.

We stayed home yesterday, did laundry, watched a movie ("G-Force," which was just about what you expected, if you heard anything about it), took a nap, went potty, made meatloaf and homemade mashed potatoes, played WoW (earned 5 achievements yesterday, including finally finishing "Northrend Dungeon Hero" by somehow ending up in a random PuG that didn't quit that bitch as soon as The Oculus loading graphic appeared).

Anyway. Here is a picture from Friday, when we all went down to the park in the freezing cold so that I could get a picture of the pink moon, which wasn't pink any more by the time we loaded up the car, got Shae's camera, ran around the bases, etc.

Bonus Fun

God, I love my life.

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  1. I don't know what they just did, but G and Shae look like they had a blast!