We're digging out now -- well, technically, G is digging us out, and I am holding down the snow fort by keeping Shae occupied with a constant stream of Nick Jr. shows, clementines and grapes, and coloring books. It's harder than you might think, because this kid can really pack away the fruit, and she has the attention span of a gnat.

Miniature Commando

Later we're going to attempt to finish up our shopping. Not much left to do now, just a couple of small things. We need to get Shae new shoes for Christmas, since both her previous dress shoes and her Dorothy shoes are too small now. Her shoes from the wedding still fit, but I can't already condemn her to the special place in Hell reserved for people who wear white shoes after Labor Day. (I'm pretty sure that's the Sixth Circle, if you're keeping score at home.)

So Much!

They said on the news this morning that Philadelphia got close to two feet of snow. By our estimation, we got somewhere between 9" and 15". Hard to tell, because we did some clearing yesterday, and it was windy overnight, so there was some drifting. It was the "easy" kind of snow, the kind we used to have in Syracuse, the really fine stuff that seems to be made of artificial fibers. Hopefully this will melt, unlike the stuff up there, that just gradually turned black and nasty.

Snow Angel

We're in the home stretch now -- less than a week until Christmas and all the dizziness and drama that comes with it (meant in a good way). My sister and brother-in-law and my scrumptious nephew are coming in on Wednesday, and it looks like the weather should be decent for them to get in. I only have a three-day work week, since I took a vacation day for Christmas Eve, and after we're done shopping, we might able to go back out to play in the snow some more.

And soon I get to start keeping track of days until pitchers and catchers and new third basemen report for Spring Training. (58 days! Whee!)

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  1. i'm sure she is keeping you busy and will for the next 20 years !!!!! love mom