All Is Calm

This isn't the best picture of SNOWPOCALYPSE NOW 2009!, or even the most interesting, but it is my favorite because I think it is the most Christmas-y.

Calm and Bright

Granted, this picture is grainy because it's from the iPhone instead of the Magic Faerie Unicorn Cam, but then again, some of my best memories of my best Christmases are grainy and distorted. And it kind of shows off why I like to do all-white lights on my tree: when some random stranger takes a picture of the street at night, maybe when it is snowing, the lights on the tree will twinkle and sparkle and wink and smile in that warm, welcoming, incandescent way that only white lights can.

By the time it is actually Christmas, a lot of this snow will be gone, but for one night, anyway, my neighborhood was quiet, blanketed with feathery still-falling snow, only a few sets of footprints on the sidewalks. All sound was muffled, and yet while I stood on my porch, I could still hear the gentle hum of coziness, as everyone tucked inside their homes with coffee or cocoa or hot toddies, watching a favorite Christmas movie or wrapping last-minute gifts or snuggling under ancient afghans. Being together, loving each other, safe and warm, enjoying an actual moment of Zen.

Sleep in heavenly peace.

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  1. yay! that's exactly what joe was doing last night. snuggling under the (not ancient) afghan aunt kim made for him. hooray for coziness!