A Week of Thanks: Day 4

Let's tell it like it is: we don't live in the best neighborhood. It has its particular advantages and disadvantages, like any neighborhood does. I joke about living in the "ghetto," but it's not entirely unlike a lot of streets in a lot of towns in a lot of places all over the place. They won't be making TV shows about this place, is what I am saying.

We don't live in the best house on the block, but we don't live in the worst house on the block, either. Do I wish things were different? Yes. Is there anyone who doesn't? I wish we had the time and the money and the skills to make some repairs, do some redecorating, arrange for some improvements. But you know what? It's ours, we have a nice life here, a beautiful garden, a happy family.

Could I be any more cliché? Probably. But be it ever so humble, I'm thankful for our home.

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  1. thank god because we know were you dont want to live ....with mom !!! i love you and have malibu