Yesterday was a perfectly lovely day sandwiched between two crappy ones, weather-wise, and we took advantage of the warmth and sunshine by ... spending five hours in heroic WoW dungeons. Heh. And then we did the unthinkable, for gaming nerds: we went outside, to play. It caused quite a scandal, let me tell you.

Of course we also took some pictures, like this one, from what I like to refer to as "my upcoming Andrew Wyeth suburban squalor collection":

Exhibit coming soon to an online gallery near you. I love how, in this picture, even the power cords look dessicated and nasty. Oh, wait, that's because they are. We have got to move out of the ghetto.

But anyway. Here is the good stuff, the pictures where, even though you can hardly see Cupcake's face, you can still tell she is smiling:

Cupcake and her daddy did that for like, half an hour -- up and down, back and forth, giggle and scream, over and under, until it made mommy dizzy in the most wonderful kind of way.


  1. shouldn't she have a onesie on so her stomach stays covered? (you know that's what nana's thinking when she sees this.) and those pants look familiar - are they the fleece ones i got her? sorry i've been delinquent on the birthday and easter (and adoption) presents. i have a little something and might pick up more when anonymous mom and dad come to visit the end of the month. (figured i'd save on shipping.) can't wait to get back to spoiling the cupcake.

  2. heh. honestly, it was almost 70°f yesterday, so i think a little air on her "baby belly" is ok. and probably most of the problem would be resolved if i had her in a t-shirt that fit properly; that one is size 18-24 months, so it's a little bit small.

    and yup -- those are "your" pants. i love those pants, they're so soft and they clean up great. jumping beans from kohl's ftw!

    (don't worry about being delinquent. things are what they are. you've spoiled her plenty already.)