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Let's just say, hypothetically, not that any of this actually happened to anyone we know or anything like that, but let's just suppose it's a rainy Monday, and you are feeling some vague sense of ennui, and maybe perhaps also an inexplicably strong urge to spring clean. Not your house, of course, because nothing short of a nuclear air strike is going to help that disaster area.

But maybe you find yourself thinking: "Hey, I've heard good things about XX blogging platform, so maybe I'll randomly decide at like 2:00 in the afternoon to take three years or so worth of content and just switch over to there," even though there is absolutely nothing wrong with the blog you already have except for maybe you're a little bored with the background color.

I'm going to repeat that, for emphasis: THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH WHAT YOU'RE ALREADY DOING. It's fine, just ... meh. And you're insane, have we mentioned that part yet?

You know that old cliché about how if it ain't broke, then don't fix it? Yeah. There's a reason why it's a hackneyed old adage, and that is because it is damned fine advice. If you read my tweets you'll see that I rather quickly came to the conclusion that "blogging like a grown-up" is not fucking worth the hassle. Christ on a whole-grain cracker.

So anyway ... I'm going to be sprucing a few things up around here. As soon as I commit to a new background, I'll change it, and I'm going update the "Cupcake Cam" over there in the sidebar, but despite my intentions to the contrary, I'm not going anywhere. Except crazy, but we already knew that.

PS -- In case you were wondering: I didn't tell anybody I was thinking about this, because I wasn't, not really. It was totally a last-minute game-time decision that seemed like it might have been a good idea in the moment. Which, as it turns out, it was NOT. Epic fail. So anyway, if this brief flirtation with another blog host is news to you, you're not alone. I'm a nutbar. Just ignore me.

PPS -- Added at 8:57 AM -- Apparently I managed to break something in Flickr and some of my pictures are not showing correctly now. Sorry about that. It's a long story that I don't really have time to get into now. And to be honest, I'm not really sure that I could explain it anyway. Hello, me = Luddite, haven't we already had this conversation? If a picture is borked, you can still click on it and see it in my photostream, but to see them in my blog directly, I'm going to have to fix something, and ... I don't know how, exactly, yet. Working on it.

PPPS -- Added at 9:08 AM -- Jumping Jesus on a pogo stick. Every one of the fixes needs to be done manually. FUCKING MANUALLY. !!!!! Next time you even SUSPECT that I might be thinking about touching my blog or my Flickr settings, smack me in the goddamn head.

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