Jungle Fever

Yet another inappropriate post title -- sorry! -- but the only other thing these pictures make me think of is The Byrds' "Turn! Turn! Turn!" which is all Biblical and Ecclesiastes and depressing and I am not yet prepared to recognize that the so-called summer is over and fall is coming.

Jungle Fever

We spent part of Labor Day weekend at my uncle's (again). You can see the changes in the yard as we get closer to the cold weather -- the flower beds are tall and leggy, not the bright green of early summer, but brownish now that they are spent after a summer of blooming and being gorgeous.

Tropical Foliage

Kind of like my kid, who is all leggy and brownish and gorgeous, after a summer spent blooming. She won't stop growing for the winter though.

Botanist in Training

She wants to know if she can grow flowers in her room. Somehow, she already understands that flowers grow from seeds, and plants have seeds, and plants also have leaves, and so if she brings home some leaves she will have her own flowers. It's kind of hard to argue with that logic, even if it isn't exactly right -- she's a smart one, that kid. I blame Noggin, because she sure as hell didn't get that from us.

One of Her Patented Smiles

(This picture is just here because it's awesome and I love it. Her smiles are my whole world.)


  1. i miss all the family picnics!

    and what do you want me to comment on? the butterfly? it's cute.

  2. Title post suggestions: "Hakuna Matata" or "I Just Can't Wait To Be King (or Queen)". Or is there some Jungle Book song that can go there?

  3. i was thinking of "the bare necessities" but i was afraid it was too obscure. and not quite RIGHT, somehow. (and yet i used "jungle fever" ... ? i don't know.)