Insane in the Membrane

Um, so, yeah ... it's nothing. Poison ivy run amok, basically. Got a prescription for some prednisone and I bought myself a spray can of benzocaine. Good times, good times.

(Actually, I'm kind of disappointed; I won't lie. I was sort of hoping for some kind of exotic illness. "Contact dermatitis" is so ... pedestrian. Guess I'll have to keep working on my maladies until I get one that is exciting and will maybe inspire an episode of "House." Yes, I know I am butternuts crazy.)

Earlier I posted a blinged-out version of a picture I like for no particular reason -- I thought it only fair that I put the original up, as well.

Like I said, there is no particular reason why I like this -- there is just something about the expression on her face. I don't remember what she was doing when I took this picture, but she looks like she's deep in thought or conversation with My Anonymous Mother (at right) and my husband (on the left).

This shot reminds me of the scene in Kenneth Branagh's version of "Much Ado About Nothing," where he fights with a folding chair and loses spectacularly. (It also reminds me that I am very old, because probably none of you know what I am talking about.)

Here we are in the pool again, this time with one of the other bridesmaids from my sister's upcoming wedding. I don't know what this face is, but I like it.

Edit: OOPS! Apparently I have misidentified the girl in the last picture -- it's my future brother-in-law's niece, who is the program mistress, and not a bridesmaid. Sorry Jackie!

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  1. Actually, I believe that is Joe's niece Jackie and she is not a bridesmaid. She is however, responsible for the programs and other goodies.