WTF!? Friday: My So-Called Life

That mess right there is my official-as-of-this-moment fall TV viewing grid, and the title of this post could also be: "OMFG, she actually watches that shit?" because -- yes. Yes I do. Somebody has to, and it might as well be me. I'm willing to take one for the team. You're welcome.

It's kind of funny -- I have a degree in writing for television, and while I don't think it's going to waste (those emails to salespeople aren't going to script themselves, you know), it's pretty fair to say that I am not "living up to my potential." Sort of makes it more ironic that a good 20% of the shows on my schedule are reality shows, no?

And anyway, this isn't the full list of what I'll be watching. Some of our regular programs (Chuck, The Closer, In Plain Sight, and Psych) are done for now and won't be back until late in the fall or early in the spring. And at least two of these shows (NCIS: LA and The Good Wife) and possibly four (Modern Family and Community) night get scrapped if we don't like them.

I also didn't include my current guilty pleasure, which is on FoodTV on ... well, I have no idea when, but my TiVo catches it, and that is what matters: What Would Brian Boitano Do Make? Holy crap, you guys. If you like funny stuff, and people with actual personalities, and cooking shows for complete dilettantes, then I recommend checking it out. It's good, and you'll actually make at least some of what they feature on the show. (Unless you're busy watching 358 hours of TV a week, most of them targeted at the pre-K demographic.)

With all of the said: is there some kind of curse on Tuesday nights or something? Are programming execs expecting the entire television audience to have MNF football hangovers? Why is there virtually nothing to watch that day? I only have two TiVo conflicts this season (Weds. at 9:00 and Thurs. at 9:30), so I'm not complaining much, but why? Why can't somebody just move those shows to Tuesdays, which are by most accounts a total wasteland?

Also, you might notice that I will only be watching one show on NBC this year, and that one is only a half-hour comedy (which, as I mentioned, might not even make the cut). This is because NBC is apparently run by brain-damaged space aliens who think that taking up five hours per week of prime-time programming with that bullshit Jay Leno program is a good idea. Dillweeds. Making me wait until March for Chuck. That is some kind of asshattery, right there, and don't think I don't notice.

(For the record, I'd skip NBC entirely until my beloved Zachary Levi comes back, but Joel McHale owns the part of my soul that doesn't already belong to Mark Burnett or Jerry Bruckheimer.)

Oh, and one more thing -- Dear Lifetime, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, BROADCAST IN HD, YOU LOONS. Project Runway is sumptuous, Tim Gunn is a demi-god who deserves better, and YOU CAN'T TELL THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN FABRICS OR COLORS IN STANDARD DEFINITION. What is WRONG with you people? Those of us who followed the show from Bravo have high standards that you are not achieving. Work on it. xoxo, rockle.

So ... what are you watching?


  1. My two shows aren't even on your list! Bones and Grey's Anatomy. And I highly recommend 30 Rock (which conflicts with some of your other Thursday night programming).

  2. i never got into grey's, and david boreanz bores me (even if he is a philly local). people keep telling me to watch 30 rock, but i never did -- i'll have to check it out. (i think it's on hiatus until spring anyway.)

  3. have you seen david boreanz in bones? WAY better than angel (or anything else he did). the chemistry between him and emily deschanel is awesome, and michaela (bones's best friend angela) is from allentown (or somewhere in the valley). it's worth at least tivo'ing and checking out when you're bored.

  4. I'm not sure who Zachary Levi or Joel McHale are... but I don't think either are (is?) the host of the Amazing Race, and I thought he had part of your soul too.

  5. Zachary Levi is Chuck and Joel McHale is the host of The Soup and one of the stars of Community.

    Phil Keoghan is the host of The Amazing Race; my heart belongs to him, but my soul belongs to Bruckheimer, who is the producer.