She Gets Around

A few more pictures from 4th of July, before we start in on another weekend.

I'm not 100% sure, but I suspect that Shae might have been born a little early, because she's technically an Aries -- and you can tell, with her "just do it" mentality towards everything, and her willingness to laugh all of her fears in the face -- but I think there is a lot of Taurus in her, too. She loves to play in the dirt, look at every bug and blade of grass, feel the sun on her face.

She is very curious about the natural world, looking for birds and bunnies, sticking her fingers or toes in the water, smelling the roses. I'm not quite certain what astrological sign is associated with smelling the birdbath water, however.

Shae + pom poms = CUTENESS, always, but my favorite part about this picture is the nacho cheese powder all over her face from letting her eat about a pound of Doritos for lunch. Don't worry -- she also ate sour cream and onion potato chips. I'm all about making my kid well-rounded. (My inappropriate parenting, let me show you it!)

I must admit, I don't entirely understand the thought process that must have gone into creating a giant, rideable chipmunk for a playground. Probably it was copious amounts of recreational pharmaceuticals, but I like to pretend that this is actually an environmental statement related to the fact that this playground is like 2,000 yards from an electrical substation ... nah, it's definitely drugs.

This one was a shock: I have known my father for 35 years, and I had no idea he could play the piano.

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  1. sorry about yesterday must be the full moon leftovers hopefully some nice times this weekend and maybe allergies will be under control !!!! no way love you mom