Vacation Recap: Days 5 & 6

Last day first -- we will be spending all day today on the road, so I am posting this in advance. There won't be anything to recap, because what else is there to say about 12 more hours in the car except "Ohio is fucking flat"? And I'm pretty convinced that my feelings about our trip to the aquarium on Sunday are not going to change overnight into Monday. Or something.

So, we went to the aquarium on Sunday, our last day in Illinois. It ... did not necessarily go well. Here is an actual progression of what pictures of Shae looked like over the course of three hours (earliest --> latest):

Of course Joey is, once again, completely perfect and adorable:

Here's a picture of Shae dressed up like a penguin and pretending to have fun:

Here are two actual good pictures from the aquarium -- unfortunately, they are of fish:

And some final parting shots:

Verdict: we'll definitely come back to the Chicagoland area, but not until my kid is old enough to understand consequences, and not without waaaaaaaaaaay more Valium.


  1. i think there are some great pictures of course i'm partial to grandchildren and children smiles are terrific !!!!!!

  2. Looks like everyone had a great time!