Vacation Recap: Day 4

Yesterday it rained in the morning, so we Girls all went shopping, which was about as exciting as you might imagine. Tell me: why can't we find silver shoes anywhere? Good heavens, what a disaster. Then we napped.

It cleared up after naptime and Shae spent the rest of the day running around outside, doing laps around the house, and trying to teach herself how to do a somersault. We are not quite clear on the mechanics, but the attempts are highly comical:

And Joey is just as perfect and adorable as always:

We also worked on a Top Secret Project which just about gave me a stroke, and I can't really say much about it except: I am not cut out to be a professional photographer, because I just CANNOT work with children and animals.

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  1. alright i've got caluses i know spelling from nanas yard work and now i cant nap enjoy!!!! love mom