Vacation Recap: Day 3

Something tells me it's all happening at the zoo:

I do believe it:

I do believe it's true:

It's a light and tumble journey from Des Plaines to the park:

Then a fine and fancy ramble through the zoo:

And when you run out of ways to connect lyrics then you can put up this picture of your kid petting a goat:

And then this other picture of her staring through glass at a gorilla that may or may not be pregnant, or even may or may not be female, because the photographer doesn't remember:

And I'm pretty sure there's nothing about ponies in the original song but that's ok because you can't, technically, see them in this picture anyway:

What a gas!

Oh, you gotta come and see at the zoo.


  1. looks like everyone is having fun just started raining here i'm taking a nap while brooklyn does walmart love you

  2. That look so much fun! I loved going to the zoo when I was a kid.