Blooper Reel

I took, like, a thousand pictures when were on vacation -- I told you, I am butternuts crazy with the camera. You've seen some of them, but here are some that didn't make the first cut, but maybe they should have? I don't know.

Not sure when the last time Shae and Joey were together -- New Year's, maybe? Last time Joey was a lot smaller, and we didn't really let Shae play with him, so this time there was a lot of sizing up that needed to be done.

I'm pretty sure she liked what she saw. Joey has my father's eyes, I think: bright blue and clear and always checking everything out. That's my sister's nose and my mother's upper lip (via my great-grandmother, Nana Shively), but when I look at that kid, I see my father's eyes. He could do worse, honestly.

But I will tell you this much: Joey is definitely the absolute spit and image of my sister, so help me God. I really don't know yet which of his parents he's going to take after, but I'll be damned if he doesn't look exactly like my sister at that age. (In a much cooler hat, because let's face it: in the 70's when we were kids, mistakes were made.)

Whereas this kid? Oh yeah, she's mine.

As if there was any doubt.


  1. i was home last in february. but joey was still much smaller then. that picture is cute, where it looks like they're checking each other out, trying to figure out who is that other baby.

  2. I really love the first picture.It's like who is that? Who is she? It's fantastic!